The Incredible Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was a boy from New Jersey who did not grow up with any big aspirations of changing the world. However, he would certainly make his mark when he would reach adulthood. His parents raised him well and taught him the importance of getting a good education. He studied hard and was always one of the top students in any class he was in. All of the countless hours he spent studying paid off because he would later get accepted into Harvard. At this point, Eric Pulier was still unsure of what the future would hold for him. He knew that he was destined for great things. However, he was not sure what those things were going to be. He would end up completing an English literature degree.

Graduating college allowed Eric to start testing out the job market. He quickly found that he had a love for technology. He could see very early on that this was an industry with an enormous potential for growth and development in the coming decades. He decided to become an entrepreneur and start a company of his own. It quickly became a success. It was not long until people started to ask Eric for his advice regarding their own startup ventures. Not surprisingly, many investors got in touch with Eric in the hopes of getting in on the ground floor of his next business venture. He soon developed a reputation as the man to contact if you wanted to start a tech company.

Eric was always in constant demand. People were constantly asking for his advice about starting up companies. People wanted to know his secrets for being successful in the very competitive technology industry. He decided to give people the advice they were seeking and make some money at the same time. Eric began touring the country as a public speaker. He would eventually command high salaries for his speaking engagements. Eric’s techniques for launching tech startup companies have helped many people to achieve their goal of owning and operating their own business. He continues to make regular speaking appearances at various trade shows and corporate events.

Keith Mann Aids in Raising Funds for Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, head of Dynamic Search Partners, held a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools, which raised over 22,000 for the 2014-2015 school year. Uncommon schools is a charter school working to bridge the achievement gap and aid students in graduating from college. These funds will help students who are taking their PSATs or AP testing for the new high school in Brooklyn. The company already dedicated 10,000 of their own funds to help with testing.

Dynamic began working with Uncommon Schools in 2013 to support their mission. They both want students achieve the skills necessary to be successful in the real world and work tirelessly to achieve it. As a talent finder, Mann looks forward to working with these successful young men and women for years to come. Mann enjoys working with the students, seeing their motivation and excitement about going to college and internships.

Keith Mann has been working in the finance and search industry for over 15 years. He was the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search, recruiting for global financial services firms. He opened a new branch within DES dedicated to the alternative practices, when he noticed that the hedgefund industry didn’t have many talent scouts. In 2009, he started his own company Dynamic Search Partners, who search primarily for alternative investment firms. This search firm fills over 200 positions per year and works in US, Europe, and Asia to help companies across the globe fill their financial services positions.

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DIVERSANT Inc. Adds Info Technologies To Become DIVERSANT LLC

Even though the two powerhouse IT staffing companies, DIVERSANT Inc. and Info Technologies, have combined forces to become DIVERSANT LLC, they will not allow it to do anything but improve their process. Their clients are supremely important to them, and so they will continue to supply many fortune 500 companies with skilled job candidates in the area of IT departments.

John Goullet, the founder and owner of Info Technologies, combines his technology savvy with Gene Waddy’s business expertise gained in founding and running DIVERSANT Inc. They also combine their similar penchants for hard driving to succeed. Together, they will expand upon their skills in identifying the best candidates for particular job openings. When they see some particular skill that may be missing, they work with the candidates to get them updated, becoming the top candidates for the job. Goullet will continue as the CEO.

The long range plan is to diversify further and grow into the top IT staffing company in the United States. Both men are people of color and have had a great boosting affect for many minority candidates that otherwise might never be hired. This merger was not done simply for financial reasons, as both were quite successful before considering becoming one company. Info Technologies was worth $30 million in 2010 and DIVERSANT Inc. had done nearly as well.

After receiving a number 8th spot on Inc. Magazine’s 500 leading businesses list, Info Technologies was arguably more well known. A newly appointed Board of Directors will be guiding this new combo. Their Board has many senior advisors, executives with much experience in deal making, mergers, and technology updates in all types of business. Two notables on the board are Cross Country Healthcare’s CEO, William J. Grubbs, and Goldman Sachs’ Global CIO, Steven M. Scopellite.

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Great Works of James Dondero

With over 30 years’ experience in equity and credit markets, James Dondero has managed to offer proper leadership to Highland Capital as the firm’s chief executive officer as well as co-founder. Currently, Dondero resides in Texas a place known as Dallas. In his career, he has had much of his focus on distressed investing and high yield and has used several tactics to ensure that this is achieved. In 1993, after establishing Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero resolved to become a member of the pioneers of the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation. This is one of his great achievements since he came up with new vehicles.

James Dondero went to University of Virginia where he managed to attain a Degree in finance and accounting. Before establishing Highland Capital, he was working with Protective Life GIC Subsidiary as the chief investment officer. Within a short span of five years, James managed to help the firm grow to $2billion from start up. This was very much impressing. Furthermore, he also managed fixed income funds of about $1billion for the American Press. His great expertise has enabled him work with various firms because he is dedicated to offering quality services. Mr. Dondero is well versed on areas such as leveraged bank loans, emerging market debt, mortgaged bank security, investment grade corporates as well as preferred stokes. His efforts in growing operations of different firms have been seen in his skills in proper asset management and final outcome of the firms he has associated with.

Under James management, Highland Capital has recorded positive returns that are encouraging. This firm has been able to provide quality credit strategies as well as float diverse funds to the current market. Highland Capital also offers short and long equity funds and alternative investments such as emerging markets and natural resources among others. This company which is led by Mr. Dondero works under principles which are set to ensure the company succeeds. These principles include discipline, experience and boldness among others.

It has been noted that most funds under the management of Mr. Dondero have received numerous awards and accolades through his entire career. This has therefore created a good reputation for Mr. Dondero.

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