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The secret world of mushrooms finally outed in film. Deep cultural experiences and the expedition of mushroom hunting teach us a lot of useful information about the protein-laced fungi. Mushrooms are one of the largest and oldest living organisms on earth. The 2008 documentary movie Know Your Mushrooms! Written and directed by Ron Mann investigates visionaries and maverick scientists, Larry Evans and Gary Lincoff. Partially filmed at the Telluride Mushroom Fest with both archived footage and animation footage, this film takes the audience on a trip of extraordinary perception.


Another film with a resounding darker twist is the 2007 film Shrooms written by Pearse Elliot and directed by Paddy Breathnach. Shrooms leads a group of friends to be stalked and murdered while in the Irish woods looking for psilocybin mushrooms. This movie is listed as comedy, horror and mystery. The way hallucinogenic mushrooms mess with your mind and if you enjoy a scary mystery you will love this film.


Films about fungi sound boring, but both of these genres play well in keeping you interested and wanting more and they’re both some of the best stoner movies on netflix. Whether you enjoy the documentary or mystery, horror, keep these two movies on your 2017 must watch bucket list.

The Impressive Evolution of OSI Group Incorporated

For a company that began as a simple family meat market in the early 20th century, then called Otto & Sons, OSI Group Incorporated has evolved by leaps and bounds. They expanded from a local meat market in the suburbs of Chicago into a meat-processing facility with more than 65 facilities in 17 countries around the world. OSI’s first major customer came in 1955 with the then unknown Ray Kroc startup, McDonald’s, as one of their many hamburger suppliers.

Twenty years after the initial deal between the two companies began; OSI became the exclusive supplier to McDonald’s restaurants around the world. OSI has recently expanded its use of Arrowsight Inc Remote Video Auditing to more closely monitor quality control and safety procedures in more of its food processing plants. The likelihood and feasibility of this expansion for use in international plants were propelled further by this current move.

Recent Expansion

Perhaps one of the fascinating facts about OSI Group is that it is also a very large privately-held company. In years past, it had not held a spot in Forbes 100 Largest American Companies, but in its first year to make an appearance on the list in 2016, it has landed a spot at number 58.OSI Group’s original plant is located in the suburbs of Chicago and has grown internationally, but they have also recently doubled in the Chicago area as well, acquiring a plant that was formerly operated by Tyson Foods.

In the latter half of 2016, OSI acquired a predominant Dutch company, Baho Foods, to facilitate growth in Europe. Baho Foods also is a meat manufacturer, but also complements OSI’s products by producing other food products such as deli meats and convenience foods and snacks in retail and foodservice locations.

Philanthropic Leadership

The current CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, acquired the company over time from previous heirs and others who had ownership in the growing company to become the company’s current sole heir. In addition to the many awards, honors, and other ways that Lavin has been recognized for his numerous accomplishments, he has recently received the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy.

The North American Meat Institute awarded Mr. Lavin with the 2016 Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his role in charitable contributions and community service in the Chicago area, primarily with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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Eric Lefkofsky: The Ultimate Serial Entrepreneur, Other Business Professional, and Philanthropist

Eric Lefkofsky is an American serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He is also the chairman and co-founder of Groupon. Also, he co-founded Echo Global Logistics (ECHO), Mediaocean, InnerWorkings (INWK), Uptake, and Lightbank, a venture capital firm located in Chicago.

Born on September 2, 1969, he was born and raised in Southfield, Michigan. He attended and graduated with honors at the University of Michigan in 1991. Afterwards, he received a Juris Doctorate degree in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

After beginning his career as a carpet salesman at the University of Michigan, he and Brad Keywell, a college friend launched a business venture with the financial assistance of relatives to buy a company named Brandon Apparel. In 1999, Keywell and he started Starbelly, an early Internet company that specialized in promotional products. After selling that business in January 2000, he became the CEO of Halo, the company who purchased Starbelly from them. Then in fall 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings, a company that offered print procurement services for medium sized companies. In August 2006, InnerWorkings became a public company in which he was serving the board of directors until October 2012. Keywell and Lefkofsky started Echo Global Logistics which went public in June 2006. And in that same period, they found MediaBank, a company consisting of media-buying technology. This company acquired Datatech, a leading media planning and procurement platform for the advertising industry. And in February 2012, MediaBank merged with Donovan Data Systems and became known as Mediaocean. In January 2007, he co-founded which was changed to And in February 2010, Lefkokfsky and Keywell made an announcement of their plans to open Lightbank. Groupon became public in November 2011 in which he became the CEO of this company in August 2013. The last businesses that he co-founded included Uptake, LLC in July 2014 which is an analytics company and Tempus in 2016 which is a technology company enabling doctors to offer personalized cancer care. He serves as the CEO at this organization. And furthermore, he stopped being the CEO for Groupon in November 2015, but he resumes the role as Chairman.


Lefkofsky along with his wife, Elizabeth, are very involved with various philanthropic and charitable causes. They formed the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. This foundation is established to support charitable, educational, and scientific organizations and causes worldwide. The foundation main focus is on children, and they have funded over 50 organizations so far. Also, the Lefkofskys have joined The Giving Pledge in 2013.

Fabletics: Putting the Fun back into Excercise

Black. Black. Black.

The women’s athletic wear market is dominated by the color black. Sure, it can be flattering; sure, it is utilitarian, but it sure can get boring!

Welcome to Fabletics, a company that is putting the color back into the gym.

Co-founded by Kate Hudson, actress and exercise enthusiast, Fabletics is a fashion-forward fitness clothing company with a new concept and lots of color. This online company skips the middleman and goes directly to the women in the gym, running the streets and cycling those hills to provide high quality fitness wear.


Fabletics online offers two styles of sales. The standard format enables you to log in and select the outfits you like at the listed price and then check out as you normally do for online purchases.


VIP membership includes various discounts including free shipping and the use of a personal designer that selects an outfit for you each month and ships it out on schedule. If you do not want a new outfit for a given month, enter the site and check the “Skip this Month” option to prohibit shipment.


To introduce customers to the VIP level, Fabletics offers significant discounts on your initial, registering order. Sure that you will be impressed with the quality and attractiveness of the product, this one-time discount enables you to judge the Fabletics line as you work out in the new garments.


When you register with Fabletics, you are queried about your exercise habits and color preferences. The answers to these questions give the designer a place to start in selecting your new, inspiring outfits. For standard members, this process is used to display only appropriate outfits or individual items of clothing from which you select what you want.


For VIP members, the answers to these questions define the parameters of your outfit of the month. In addition to the monthly outfits, VIP membership includes free shipping and access to insider sales not available to standard members. If at some point you decide your athletic clothing needs are met for a while you can suspend your VIP membership until your needs arise again.


Keep in mind that these trendy, edgy outfits come at a high-value price, but reviewers find the quality/price ratio very acceptable. With Fabletics shopping for you, you are assured a fresh selection of inspiring outfits without having to go online to order each month.


Fun colors, interesting design elements and quality characterize the Fabletics line that is sure to garner a strong following among fashion-conscious athletes and fitness advocates.

A Look At Oil Industry Service Company, Cotemar Mexico

What Is Cotemar Mexico?

Cotemar Mexico is an oil industry service company that was established in 1979. It began servicing the booming offshore oil industry off the Gulf Coast of the Mexican state of Campeche. Services that Cotemar has provided since its inception include food preparation and lodging for offshore oil workers. The company also constructs and leases specialized boats that are used for exploring offshore oil reserves in the Mexican Gulf Coast. This includes deep sea diving boats that probe for oil underwater.

Cotemar also has fleets of vessels that are used to transport personnel to and from oil rig sites. Deliveries of cargo and essential items to workers and their workplace is also handled by Cotemar Mexico. Cotemar teams up with suppliers to efficiently fulfill the needs of the oil industry and its staff.

One of the biggest contracts of Cotemar Mexico is the Mexician state owned oil company called Petroleos Mexicanos. Cotemar Mexico fully supplies Petroleos Mexicanos with all its housing, food, delivery, maintenance, construction and emergency service needs. This servicing is done with the latest specialized vessels available to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

A Look At The Values Of Cotemar Mexico

The mission of Cotemar Mexico is to fulfill the needs of its clients in the offshore oil industry so that they can generate fossil fuels for domestic use and export. A committed team, state of the art technology and efficient management practices help Cotemar Mexico deliver the best services that the oil industry in Mexico can get.

The outlook of Cotemar Mexico is to expand the role the company plays in the oil market by expanding its services both at home and abroad. Cotemar Mexico wants to get more involved with the oil production process and further expand its fleet with new ships to meet a growing demand for oil production. New company models are also in the process to make Cotemar more profitable and effective at servicing the oil companies.

Four key values drive Cotemar Mexico and its employees from the CEO to the cook preparing meals for workers on the oil rigs. These are integrity, effectiveness, simplicity and innovation. All Cotemar Mexico employees are expected to act honestly both within the company and when dealing with outside firms. Effectiveness is a value that drives efficiency. Simplicity in the company aims to eliminate waste and promote a positive attitude for all employees. Innovation means that the company wants to improve upon its services. This is done by creating new and better ways to service its customers through technological development for example.

Securus Technologies Altered My Perspective On Prison Communication

I have been resigned for several years to check in with lost friends and family only once in a calendar year. Phone calls are quite difficult to place, and there is a disconnect that I cannot describe. It is vastly different speaking to someone on the phone versus seeing them in person. This article explains how I got back in touch with one long-lost friend who has been in prison.

#1: I Saw Him In The Flesh For The First Time In A Long Time

I got the Securus Technologies app, and I use the app to create video calls. I dreaded placing a single call to a prison, and I was admittedly avoiding this person I knew who was in jail. I felt awful about the situation, and I did not know what to say over a paltry phone call.

#2: Securus Video Calls Are A New Experience

I saw this old friend for the first time in quite some time, and I was happy to finally see his face after such a long separation. He became quite emotional, and we have a very good talk. The app on my phone allows me to see him clearly, and he is looking back at me through a camera provided by Securus. It is a unique experience to video chat with someone thousands of miles away.

#3: I Am Happy To Maintain My Account

I once told another old friend from a long time ago about using Securus, and she has come over to say hello to our friend from many years ago. I feel as though Securus is bringing our community back together, and we have learned about his parole hearing we plan to attend.

Securus has given my past a new life. I am connecting with people who would have been lost to time otherwise.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

The Incredible Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was a boy from New Jersey who did not grow up with any big aspirations of changing the world. However, he would certainly make his mark when he would reach adulthood. His parents raised him well and taught him the importance of getting a good education. He studied hard and was always one of the top students in any class he was in. All of the countless hours he spent studying paid off because he would later get accepted into Harvard. At this point, Eric Pulier was still unsure of what the future would hold for him. He knew that he was destined for great things. However, he was not sure what those things were going to be. He would end up completing an English literature degree.

Graduating college allowed Eric to start testing out the job market. He quickly found that he had a love for technology. He could see very early on that this was an industry with an enormous potential for growth and development in the coming decades. He decided to become an entrepreneur and start a company of his own. It quickly became a success. It was not long until people started to ask Eric for his advice regarding their own startup ventures. Not surprisingly, many investors got in touch with Eric in the hopes of getting in on the ground floor of his next business venture. He soon developed a reputation as the man to contact if you wanted to start a tech company.

Eric was always in constant demand. People were constantly asking for his advice about starting up companies. People wanted to know his secrets for being successful in the very competitive technology industry. He decided to give people the advice they were seeking and make some money at the same time. Eric began touring the country as a public speaker. He would eventually command high salaries for his speaking engagements. Eric’s techniques for launching tech startup companies have helped many people to achieve their goal of owning and operating their own business. He continues to make regular speaking appearances at various trade shows and corporate events.

Keith Mann Aids in Raising Funds for Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann, head of Dynamic Search Partners, held a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools, which raised over 22,000 for the 2014-2015 school year. Uncommon schools is a charter school working to bridge the achievement gap and aid students in graduating from college. These funds will help students who are taking their PSATs or AP testing for the new high school in Brooklyn. The company already dedicated 10,000 of their own funds to help with testing.

Dynamic began working with Uncommon Schools in 2013 to support their mission. They both want students achieve the skills necessary to be successful in the real world and work tirelessly to achieve it. As a talent finder, Mann looks forward to working with these successful young men and women for years to come. Mann enjoys working with the students, seeing their motivation and excitement about going to college and internships.

Keith Mann has been working in the finance and search industry for over 15 years. He was the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search, recruiting for global financial services firms. He opened a new branch within DES dedicated to the alternative practices, when he noticed that the hedgefund industry didn’t have many talent scouts. In 2009, he started his own company Dynamic Search Partners, who search primarily for alternative investment firms. This search firm fills over 200 positions per year and works in US, Europe, and Asia to help companies across the globe fill their financial services positions.

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DIVERSANT Inc. Adds Info Technologies To Become DIVERSANT LLC

Even though the two powerhouse IT staffing companies, DIVERSANT Inc. and Info Technologies, have combined forces to become DIVERSANT LLC, they will not allow it to do anything but improve their process. Their clients are supremely important to them, and so they will continue to supply many fortune 500 companies with skilled job candidates in the area of IT departments.

John Goullet, the founder and owner of Info Technologies, combines his technology savvy with Gene Waddy’s business expertise gained in founding and running DIVERSANT Inc. They also combine their similar penchants for hard driving to succeed. Together, they will expand upon their skills in identifying the best candidates for particular job openings. When they see some particular skill that may be missing, they work with the candidates to get them updated, becoming the top candidates for the job. Goullet will continue as the CEO.

The long range plan is to diversify further and grow into the top IT staffing company in the United States. Both men are people of color and have had a great boosting affect for many minority candidates that otherwise might never be hired. This merger was not done simply for financial reasons, as both were quite successful before considering becoming one company. Info Technologies was worth $30 million in 2010 and DIVERSANT Inc. had done nearly as well.

After receiving a number 8th spot on Inc. Magazine’s 500 leading businesses list, Info Technologies was arguably more well known. A newly appointed Board of Directors will be guiding this new combo. Their Board has many senior advisors, executives with much experience in deal making, mergers, and technology updates in all types of business. Two notables on the board are Cross Country Healthcare’s CEO, William J. Grubbs, and Goldman Sachs’ Global CIO, Steven M. Scopellite.

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Great Works of James Dondero

With over 30 years’ experience in equity and credit markets, James Dondero has managed to offer proper leadership to Highland Capital as the firm’s chief executive officer as well as co-founder. Currently, Dondero resides in Texas a place known as Dallas. In his career, he has had much of his focus on distressed investing and high yield and has used several tactics to ensure that this is achieved. In 1993, after establishing Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero resolved to become a member of the pioneers of the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation. This is one of his great achievements since he came up with new vehicles.

James Dondero went to University of Virginia where he managed to attain a Degree in finance and accounting. Before establishing Highland Capital, he was working with Protective Life GIC Subsidiary as the chief investment officer. Within a short span of five years, James managed to help the firm grow to $2billion from start up. This was very much impressing. Furthermore, he also managed fixed income funds of about $1billion for the American Press. His great expertise has enabled him work with various firms because he is dedicated to offering quality services. Mr. Dondero is well versed on areas such as leveraged bank loans, emerging market debt, mortgaged bank security, investment grade corporates as well as preferred stokes. His efforts in growing operations of different firms have been seen in his skills in proper asset management and final outcome of the firms he has associated with.

Under James management, Highland Capital has recorded positive returns that are encouraging. This firm has been able to provide quality credit strategies as well as float diverse funds to the current market. Highland Capital also offers short and long equity funds and alternative investments such as emerging markets and natural resources among others. This company which is led by Mr. Dondero works under principles which are set to ensure the company succeeds. These principles include discipline, experience and boldness among others.

It has been noted that most funds under the management of Mr. Dondero have received numerous awards and accolades through his entire career. This has therefore created a good reputation for Mr. Dondero.

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